The Black Door

The Black door
It starts with a moment before, where you can start to perceive the process of the profound moment that is dying. Since I am saying that it`s time, the moment is nearing and you can start seeing the black door that represents a line that separates one dimension with another; where time will stop and the line that when crossed cannot be returned.
Meanwhile on the other side there is and expression and visualization of a profound moment of farewells and without noticing I start saying goodbye.
The black door represents the separation between this dimension (life) and the other dimension (after death), but it also represents a dialogue and the entrance to a road that guides us to a real sense of spiritual peace, as well as the response to not fear, if in this dimension we look for  the right path and truthfulness.
In this same manner the black door from your point of view, whoever may be your everything; you will choose, I have already chosen.
And it explains us that some cross before and others after, but I express myself imagining from now when that profound moment arrives. I will proclaim who I want to be there for me (Obviously in my mind only… as this is my secret.)


All lyrics and music composed, arranged, produced and performed by MorS.

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